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Location Info

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Below you will find all the information needed to get you to One of A Kind Yoga. Please understand the parking and entrance information prior to your first class. There will also be a video posted below for an in-depth view of your arrival to One of A Kind Yoga.

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Upon Arrival...


How Do I Find It?

Look out for the bright blue sign with white writing that says "One of A Kind Yoga".

Where Do I Enter?

Once you arrive at the building, you can head to the RIGHT side of the building and go through the back door! The first two floors are offices, please proceed directly to the top floor. Eventually, the stairs will stop... that's how you know you're there!

Linwood Ave Info:

Linwood is a ONE WAY STREET!!! After you pass "W Utica Street" begin to slow down and look for the sign because it comes up quick and you can't just turn around... If you miss it- you will have to make a big square since it is a one way street. 

Where Do I Park?

Street parking is available at all times. Day classes may need to pay attention to alternate street parking signs posted. After 4pm, parking is allowed on either side of the street. 

I Have to Do Stairs?!

Yes, unfortunately there is 3 flights of stairs... please be sure you are able to complete the stairs necessary to attend class. There will be 2 chairs located throughout the staircase for those who needs to take breaks along the way. Just think of it as your warm up!

I Can't Find Street Parking!

While it is not likely this will happen, there is a church parking lot pretty close. The "Blessed Sacrament Church" should have plenty of spots if needed. Please DO NOT go up the driveway and park in the back, as those spots are reserved for residents of the building behind. 

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