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Location Info

Sheridan location picture.png

Below you will find all the information needed to get you to One of A Kind Yoga. Please understand the parking and entrance information prior to your first class. There will also be a video posted below for an in-depth view of your arrival to One of A Kind Yoga.

Upon Arrival...


How Do I Find It?

Look out for the bright blue sign with white writing that says "One of A Kind Yoga".

Where Do I Enter?

Unhook the black gate & come in the marked door!

Sheridan Dr Info:

Sheridan has 4 lanes going both ways with a divider in between. The divider has spaces to make a U-turn if needed (save you from going up to the light). There is usually plenty of time to get over and slow down to find it because there are lights on both ends of the street that keep the flow of traffic slow and steady!

Where Do I Park?

There are a few places you can park: 

1. In the driveway! There are spots for 10 cars, just know you could get blocked in & will just  have to leave at the same time as the rest of the participants!

2. Park on the street behind the building "Lowell" and walk through the church's side lot to cut through to Sheridan 

3. Park in the church "St. Andrews" parking lot and walk over!

Extra Parking Info

When parking in the driveway, be sure to park in the designated, marked areas to be sure everyone has room to park and get out! When backing out of the driveway, just wait for an opening and you should have plenty of time! Or try to turn around and go out front first!

Are there any stairs?

There is one step up onto the porch where the gate is, after that- you're in!

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