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"I could not say enough positive things about One Of A Kind Yoga! I absolutely love taking classes here with Julia. She has created an inclusive and inviting environment that feels really special to be in. Her yoga I classes, as well as, her specialty yoga classes go at a nice pace, I never feel rushed. She always gives modifications for any yoga moves that people might struggle with. She provides yoga mats, blocks, blankets, pillows, and stretch bands to make her classes accessible to everyone, so you can just show up as yourself. She also offers childcare for classes at no additional charge which is amazing! I have a friend who has brought her son with us to class, and Emily, the child care lead, did an awesome job with him. My friend and her son both a great experience. I have also taken a somatic dancing class that I loved, as well as participated in a new moon ceremony. Julia is creating an amazing community and I’m so happy to be a part of it!"


I love going to Julia's classes. I did the Chakra class and she even gave me earrings! I also have done the Floor Yoga 1 class, and it is a nice pace. Julia is very knowledgeable and friendly, and I always feel great after taking one of her classes. She always changing things up in a good way. I highly recommend One of A Kind Yoga and the instructor Julia.


"As a beginner i was a little nervous.
But i felt very comfortable. I went at my own pace, while also challenging my self, With the help of the great instructor.
Also left with a couple hand made gifts!"


"I highly recommend taking classes here! Julia creates such a warm and welcoming atmosphere. I appreciate how she explains different options for each position, so you can do what is most comfortable for your body."


"One of a kind yoga is an amazing spot to go if you’re looking for an amazing yoga class! Julia was very knowledgeable and professional, while having a sense of humor. She made you feel super comfortable and at ease. She made sure everyone was doing well throughout the class and had other options on how to do a pose if you couldn’t do the first position. She made her class feel completely judge free! I would highly recommend all ages to attend her classes!"


"The studio offers a quiet sanctuary in the heart of Buffalo to practice. Julia offers such calming yoga sessions that when I leave, I feel both re-energized and at peace. I would recommend One of a Kind Yoga to anyone, whether they're new to yoga, or have been practicing for a long time."


“This was my first experience at a yoga class. I wasnt sure how I would fare but the instructor made the session comfortable and relaxing. Having various options for how to do the different stretches was very helpful with my hip problems.”


“TLove the studio, love the people! I took Julia's Floor Yoga I course and it was great. So relaxing and mindful. Would absolutely recommend!"


"One of a kind yoga is a great place for beginners and experts alike! The facility is clean, beautiful, and calming. The instructors are knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to help!"


“Very easy going instructor, great classes, good fitness, lots of fun”
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